Klubipääty esittää: HJK 110v Klubi - ensimmäinen esiintyjä

Illan ensimmäinen esiintyjä on siis julki. He ovat nimeltään The Banter Thiefs ja saapuvat paikalle Skotlannin Motherwellistä. 

Saimme kommentit yhtyeen jäseneltä nimeltä Derek:

Hello Derek, can you tell us who you guys are?

- The Banter Thiefs is an energetic indie 4 piece from Motherwell, Scotland.

Our music is heavily influenced from our surroundings; growing up in a post industrial steel town situated just 20 minutes from Glasgow.

The songs have indie roots but are often dominated by catchy sing-along choruses with a raw pop punk edge. It's a unique mix which makes the special sound of The Banter Thiefs.

We've got Keith on lead vocals & guitar, Derek on bass & backing vocals, Aaron on guitar & backing vocals & Daz on drums.

The band have played shows all over the UK & further afield allowing them to established a devoted fan base.

Have you been in Finland earlier? What are your expectations?

- It's our first time in Helsinki and our knowledge of Finland is pretty limited. 

We know HJK and of course Jari Litmanen, Mixu Paatelainen and Simo Valakari who came to Motherwell when Harri Kampman took charge. We've heard you guys have an impressive education system, something we should base ours on. We're really excited to play in Finlands most famous rock bar & we can't wait to see HJK play and celebrate their 110th birthday with all the fans!